Bug? Time signature issue

I finally got the chance to start working with Dorico today on a simple score. Unfortunately I was using it for about 2 minutes when I got what I think might be a bug.

I set the first measure as a 6/8, and started playing in the melody line to a little arrangement I had written. So far so good. At some point I needed to have a half not go over the barline. Once I did that the measure somehow changed into a 5/8 measure without being labled as such. I was unable to get it to change back without adding a new Time signature, which is obviously superfluous.

I realize that I can just delete the time signature (once I figurre out how to do that) but this obviously shouldn’t be happening so I thought i’d report it. Picture is attached.
Dorico error.JPG

Looks like you might have created the 9/8 time signature with the mouse, and in so doing you accidentally chopped off the last eighth beat of the final bar of the prevailing 6/8 time signature. You have to be quite precise when creating things with the mouse: for best results I would suggest you select the rest at the start of the bar at which you want the time signature to be created before creating it, either using the mouse or the Shift+M popover.