Bug: Toggle bar number visibility

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create 10 bars
  2. Layout setting: show every bar number incl. 1
  3. Hide some bars, e.g. 5-10.
  4. Click on the red hint for bar 5, and in properties panel: show this bar number by deselecting “hide bar number”

result: all red hints disappear, even though some bar numbers are still invisible

workaround: select another layout, switch back to current layout

bonus: How to select multiple bar number hints to e.g. reset what I did and show all numbers again?

Dorico 5

Yes, there are some invalidation problems with the signposts for bar numbers that have been lurking around for a while. They are awkward enough to fix that they remain on our radar but not at a high priority, and users rarely run into them in practice.

Probably the quickest way to eliminate a large number of hidden bar numbers is to find the prevailing time signature before the hidden bar numbers, and delete that time signature. This might have a deleterious effect on your music, but don’t worry: this is just a temporary state of affairs, because everything will look good again once you recreate the time signature.

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