[BUG] Toggling Mixer windows undoes size settings

1. I set up mixer #4 to have:

Meters (cover lower 45% of screen)
Racks (routing and direct routing)
Faders (cover top 35-40% of screen)

2. I close the mixer.
3. Reopen mixer. All is as I left it.
4. Open mixer #1.
5. Close mixer #1 which brings mixer #4 back to front.

The fader section has now shrunk down as if it was -17 degrees in the computer case. It is taken up by the Rack instead, even though expanding both ‘routing’ and ‘direct routing’ doesn’t take up that space.

The section with the fader gets screwed up no matter which mixer is used first (with the exception of #1 I think), as long as a different one is toggled to focus and then shut. It does seem though that for this to happen some sections need to be certain heights which is affected by other sections naturally. So getting rid of the meter bar for example solves the problem in some cases unless the height of one section is “extreme”.

This is a bug, yes? Other people seeing the same?