[BUG] Toggling Visibility & Group Editing Causes Crash

Sorry if this is already a known issue…couldn’t find it anywhere.

Please see if this can be recreated on your systems:

  1. create a new empty project
  2. add 2 audio tracks
  3. move both tracks to a new folder track
  4. open the visibility tab in the project window (ganged with the inspector)
  5. disable visibility for ONLY ONE of the tracks
  6. attempt to enable “group editing” on the folder track
  7. CRASH


I can confirm this on Windows. On Mac, it works as expected - the track becomes visible.

Thanks Martin.

Anyone else?


Even Mac freezes, if I have two identical files, and only two tracks in the folder. I already reported it, as a bug.

So, it would be fixed, soon I hope. :wink:

Awesome! Thanks for taking care of that!


I can confirm this on Windows 10 and Cubase 8.5. The problem seems only occur if tracks of the group are invisible.