BUG: Tokens not working on custom Master Page Set

I made a custom Master Page Set, and the below screenshot is the default page of the set. On the ‘First’ page, all the tokens work as intended, but when put as a header on the default page, some of these tokens do not work, and simply show up unchanged instead of disappearing or being correctly replaced. {@page@} and {@layoutName@} work correctly, but {@flowTitle@}, {@flowWorknumber@}, and {@flowComposerdates} do not work, although values for these are entered in Project Info. Any ideas?

I’m not sure quite what you must be doing wrong, since your screenshot looks OK: take a look at the attached project, where I have reproduced your tokens, and they work fine.
tokens.dorico.zip (254 KB)

I believe you are missing an @ sign at the end of your Composerdates: {@Composerdates@}
The flow Worknumber picks up data from the “Flow page” in Project Info, not the “project page”. Do you have the data you want to display in the Flows or the Project? Otherwise it would be {@projectWorknumber@} and not {@flowWorknumber@}

Thank you Daniel and David for replying so quickly, I’m annoyed I didn’t see your replies (no email notification received?)

Daniel, the tokens in your attached file work perfectly on my machine (MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015 running iOS 10.12.6) and yet on the original projects, and projects re-produced using it as a template, the tokens are (now) identical in text and yet do not work. Bizarre - any further ideas?

David, thanks for your spot on missing @ - unfortunately no fix! And I wanted flow workdates and number as for individual numbers of a Musical the Flow Number is useful as song numbers, and the composerdates as timestamps.

On an unrelated note, a feature suggestion which has caused me frustration (otherwise, really loving your work, thank you so much):
Ability to toggle multirests on and off in Write mode specifically - when inputting x bars of rest, it’s easy to lose when the caret is in ‘Tacet al fine’. Ideally, you would then flip to Engrave mode and the multirests would appear.


Just to clarify, this is when writing within a specific instrumental part, not the full score.

If you attach the project itself (zip it up first) I’ll be happy to take a look and see if I can figure out what might be wrong.

Many thanks for you tireless work in creating Dorico Daniel! I’ve been passing the news around about Sibelius’ lack of a future.

File attached!
Musical Score Template.dorico.zip (315 KB)

Input some music first!

You’ve had to introduce overrides in order to display a second page in the layout, and because there’s no music there’s actually no flow attached to the second page - bearing in mind your header tags are mostly {@flowSomething@}.

If you really want to set up everything before you’ve input music you could always input just a 2/4 time signature, then put in three quarter notes (crotchets) and set a frame break at the beginning of the second bar. That way you can ditch the overrides to page 2 and any changes you make in master page editor will display correctly in your page 2 header.