Bug: Toolbox from KeyCommand


When I assign a keycommand to the option “Toolbox”, the box appears but with no icons inside the box.

If you put the mouse on the empty box, you can click and select the tools, but only the tools with no options list.

So you can select the pencil tool, but not the selection tool.

Attached there is a picture for better understanding.


I cannot reproduce it here. It works to me.

What OS do you use (Win/Mac)? What version? What graphics card do you use? DO use use HiDPI screen? Is HiDPI enabled in Cubase (if you are on Windows)?


I am on 10.13.6 MacOS High Sierra. I use Cubase Pro 10 on macbook pro and iMac.

Both computers are new and have the same OS.

I don’t use any external screen, any HiDPI screen.

I have the same problem with toolbox in both copmuters.


I have the same system. On my side the toolbox backrubs is light grey (as yours is) but I can see a black icons on top of it.

In any case, I reported it as a bug, because it should be dark anyway.

Btw, you can also call popup Toolbox by mouse right click.

Thanks for your help.
I know I can use mouse right click, but I prefer the option of keycommand.

I just wonder, why? You have to touch your mouse to choose the right tool anyway, if you do it this way.

There are also Key Commands to the dedicated tools, so if you prefer Key Commands, you can use these, which is even faster. Or you can use Previous/Next Tool Key Commands.

In my preferences of Cubase, I like using the right click for context menu, and not for tools. I like to work this way.
I use key commands for the dedicated tools that I use more often (Selection, Mute, Color, Glue).
For the rest of tools I like to use the toolbox pressing one keycommand.

Of course. I was just wondering. Thank you.

Of course. I was just replying :wink:
Thanks for your help, and I hope this bug can be solved easily.