[Bug] Track Name colours

It is very difficult to read the white track names against bright colours in the Project window. Can the colour of the text be changed to black? - At the moment a track name is only displayed in black when the track is selected, all the non-selected tracks have white text.

In the Mixconsole window the text is black which is much more legible.

I can’t find any option to change the text colours.

The darker or richer the color, the print will be “White”
If you make the colors lighter, the print will change to “Black”
I discovered this in N6 and just tested it in N7.

I changed my entire default color pallet so I could have white print over dark waveforms.
You can do the opposite if you like, or you can have some of the colors create white text and some
colors create black text.

There is no global text color attribute that I have been able to find.

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Really? - I can not make that happen in the Project window under any circumstance. It doesn’t matter how light or bright I make a background colour the text always remains white (actually off white or very light grey) unless I select a track, in which case the text turns black for the selected track only.

The Mixconsole does react the way you describe, but the Project window does not.

Am I missing something?

Why the heck do the Project and Mixconsole windows not abide by the same rules?

I get it to work by …

  1. I have the “select colors” button on on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. select project colors at the bottom of the list
  3. click on the color you want to change
  4. change color
  5. Click "OK’ twice
    the color should change and any event on any tracks using that color “Can” have their text change color IF you changed the color enough. The program must have a threshold you have to cross in order for the text to change from black to white. I can post a project with all white and one with mixed color text for you to see, it you need me to.


seems to work for me too

That is exactly what I am doing. I can make the colours as light as they will go but the text always remains white/very light grey, UNLESS I actually select a track by clicking on it in which case the text on that track alone will go black while the track remains selected.

I will post a pic once I work out how to grab the screen.

Here is an example:

All the tracks in the Project window have been given light background colours, but the Track names do not turn black against these light colours and are consequently very hard to read, with the exception of the ‘selected’ VOCAL track.
Ubrigens, Gruezi ChrisPolus.

Grüezi FenderChris. Also from Switzerland? Or where is your planet palmer :slight_smile:

I could reproduce your error btw! You’re using light colored “Focus Zone Background”

Mine is default I think and looks dark blue, as shown here. Which also seems to color bright tracks in a dark coat. So they stay legible.

If I change that “Focus Zone Background” setting to a light color, look what happens. Ugh!

So, yes, you’re right. The font color should switch to black, but it doesn’t in the track list.

Also, what I saw and hate: If clips are of bright color, the clip name and all the info switches to black, which is fine! But the volume and fade lines stay white up to the point where you cannot see them on bright clips (see last track’s clip). So you don’t know where to grab the volume handle and you don’t know where the fade handles are, it’s invisible on bright backgrounds.

And I thought I`m the only (almost only) Nuendo user in Switzerland…Grüezi from Luzern.

But what is “Focus Zone”? The Operation Manual has never heard of it.


Hey Oswald! Nice, I’m coming in from Basel!

I guess the “Focus Zone” is the zone that has the current mouse focus. When you click in the arrange window, it takes the focus and when you click arrow buttons, it moves from event to event. If you click in the mixer somewhere, arrow buttons do something else (can’t test right now as I’m in the middle of an export). But this is the general idea if I understood correctly. So the Focus Zone is whatever is “in focus” to take commands.

I’m not sure how much use Nuendo makes of this. I haven’t seen that you for example could tie key commands to Focus Zones, so you could use key commands multiple times. But it does action A when focus is on the arrange window, and action B when your focus is the mixer. Logic does that, it knows multiple “contexts” so I can have a key zoom in in one window and in another window it opens a settings dialog. Which is nice as there are SOOOO many functions in Nuendo but only a limited amount of simple to use key commands that make sense.

I for example like putting key commands after the name of the function. Cut would be C to make that point clear, Mixer would be M. But there are many colliding names of course so dividing them by a context or focus zone would be nice to re-use popular letters more often.

Planet Palmer is, im moment, in England. I’m English but spent many years living and playing in CH. I married my first wife im Rathaus Lucern (Grüezi Oswald).

Basel, Zurich, Lucern, Lugano, Weggis - what’s not to like? :slight_smile: My favorite country. Hopp Schwiiz!

Strangely, my Focus Zone Background is set very dark, almost black (actually I’ve just set the system back to the Defaults, but the problem persists).

I can’t work out exactly what the Focus Zone is. I imagined it was the area that I click on, but perhaps not. I’m sure there is something wrong with the colour system but I’m not sure what it is. Somehow it doesn’t seem flexible enough.

In any event, the track names in the Project window do not turn black when the backgrounds are light.

This seems to be indeed a bug. Both, that you cannot change it or it is set to dark but yours is light and that the font doesn’t react to it.

However, if the font thinks your background is dark, because it is set like that in the preferences, then no wonder it displays light as well. Maybe something with displaying the correct Focus Zone Background color is wrong here.

Tried launching the DAW with fresh preferences and see if that could be the issue?

Its a bug. I can repro here also. I use a dark background (default) so not affected. resetting the prefs will make no difference. The moment you change your default project background to a lighter colour, the same problem will occur.

Did not help, sadly.

It appears to be a bug, but I wonder if Steinberg will ever fix it. They might not have time, what with all the new feature ideas and new bugs to implement. :wink:

My apologies. My comments hold true for Event text colors.

I do not recall my track text colors being white, but will check if I ever get back to the office (in the Hospital at the moment).

With as many contributors to this thread I would venture to say it is a design oversight (bug).

I still want to check it out to be sure.


Best wishes Brain. We certainly do hope you make it back from the Hospital.