BUG: Transform tool: Wrong file version updated after editing with Wavelab Elements


Mostly when I edit a layer with WaveLab Elements 10 to apply i.e a “reverse” and I save it from WaveLab Elements and update it on SL 8 Pro so I get the reverse version of the layer correctly (as expected), but, here there is the problem, if I immediately try to move horizontally that layer with the transform tool the reversed layer disappears and it gets back to the original version and there is not way to apply the “redo” command, so to avoid this bug before moving the reversed layer I have mostly to save the SL Pro 8 project , close it, re-open it again and then apply the transform tool to move it horizontally. If I click on the popup menu (horizontally/vertically) after moving horizontally the updated reversed layer sometimes the bug doesn’t happen and I don’t know why but most of the time it happens.
(SL 8 has not reverse function and it should be very useful if there was)

Macbook Pro Mid 2015
SL Pro 8.0.10 build 270
OS X 10.15.7