BUG: Typing in values for automation dots causes Freeze

Usually editing automation data is a reliable and stable feature.

Having a bus compressor (Slate Bus Compressor) on the mixbus, editing the threshold automation with the mouse or in write mode works like expected.

Typing in a value by hand in the project info line causes Nuendo to freeze completely - after 3 minutes the “appcrash” splashscreen comes and if I click “ok” Nuendo quits.

The first crash made me lost one hour of mix automation because I was so stupid to forget to safe. My fault, should have know better - Nuendo will crash soon or later, period.

The second time I just “tried” it again - saved before ( I am not THAT stupid ^^) —> crash.

Can someone confirm?

No problem with that here Christoph…

Have you checked it with a masterbus insert? I never had this issue before - I am typing in values by hand all the time but I can reproduce it 100% in this case.

Maybe it is a Slate-Steinberg thing?

No problems here although you don’t say which plug-in from the VBC line-up you’re using.

You will need to contact Slate as I know the latest builds contain some fixes related to crashes in Nuendo.

It is the FG-Grey. I am riding the threshhold and I am using the latest (official) build……

I will check this out in an empty project as soon as I have some time - “crash” related trial and error is somewhat nasty and time consuming in this (in the meantime) 627 track project :slight_smile: Needs ages to open :slight_smile: indeed fixed a VST3 crash with FG-Grey. As mentioned, I can’t reproduce your crash here.

I will double-check that ASAP.

Maybe it is only in this project.