BUG (?) - undo action intermittently fails

I haven’t managed to figure out just what causes this, but has anyone else noticed executing commands while editing or writing automation and then the undo queue doesn’t seem to log that event (or gets cleared)?

I’ve been doing a lot of what you describe recently, deleting by clicking Edit/Undo and sometimes via the History list, but have not noticed that issue. Although the History list does sometimes seem to react very slowly, which makes me think it is not working when I try to move back up the list, but it eventually gets there if I leave it alone.

I’m having more of these problems today. It’s as simple as moving an event or cutting the end of it, and then hitting “undo” does nothing. Still can’t nail down just what the specific circumstances are.

Hi Guys,
I notice this problem today while working in Big sessions. Everything I was editing while playing the project the undo was not working. The only undo available in history was about automation. In fact I had several tracks in write mode but most of the times this happened I did not record any automaton. But after I put everything in just read mode it appears that the undo problem was gone. Do you guys think I’m doing something wrong re automation or is really a bug in undo?
I have to say that I’m new fairly new Nuendo guy. I just arrived from Protools that I’ve used since 98…

All the best

Mattias, I’ve tried to replicate your problem again today using an admittedly small project, with a lot of automation writing and Undo-ing and Redo-ing using Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Shift-Z and moving things around, but I can not get it to do what you are describing.

Perhaps it Is related to big sessions as klant mentions.

Well, maybe that’s what it is, or maybe it’s a hardware issue. So far I haven’t noticed a pattern.

For the record, my timeline is about 1hr long, I have about 25 audio tracks active, another 25 in an AAF folder that I’m not really using, channel count probably around 80 channels, some mono some stereo. CR active. So it’s not like it’s a huge session.

Also running RX Voice Denoise, Insight 2, Neutron and a few stock plugins per track.

The load really isn’t that high. System specs in sig, and Nuendo is taking up about 2.5GB right now.


I’m looking at the Task Manager and in the memory column I’m seeing Nuendo increasing its memory footprint roughly 1MB at a time despite me not working on it - I’m currently just typing this post. It went from 2537MB to 2542MB in one minute. I’ll track this and see if there’s a correlation with this problem…

Mattias I’ve noticed the same in my end.
And my Nuendo is crashing a lot also when I try to open that big session I’m working on. I have to open another project first.
And again when I open my undo history I only have automation.

I am definitely noticing this. Very frustrating!

I’ll look into memory more later, but for now I’ve seen for example (in Task Manager):

2537 MB - after opening a project and letting it Idle for ten minutes.
2855 MB - after another 10 minutes being idle (i.e. I’m not using Nuendo).
2906 MB - after working for 30 minutes
3618 MB - after another 40 minutes

In other words from opening it to an hour and a half later while not creating more files or anything memory footprint increased by over 1GB.

1580 MB ! This was after another 20 minutes where all of a sudden Control Room failed. Reselecting the correct saved preset for my room restored it. So for some reason roughly 2GB got flushed from memory. Then it increased again.

1780 MB - broke for a mid day run and lunch. Nuendo open but idle.
2811 MB - when I got back.

I’m not 100% sure that the ‘failures’ I’ve gotten have been after memory has been partially ‘flushed’, but I’ll keep looking at it. It’s quite frustrating.

One example of this being a big problem is if I’m editing dialog and by accident grab a clip and move it. Hitting undo when undo fails won’t bring it back of course and I’m now left with having to re-align to sync to picture. Part of my job of course but also more than a bit annoying.

I’m now also seeing Nuendo losing specific automation parameters. I’ve automated EQ bypass over specific dialog sections and it all played back fine yesterday. Today none of those nodes are present. My workflow on this show right now has been to select the dialog, set preview and fill to loop, UNbypass the EQ and set settings, then punch out. Worked as expected.

Now however all the actual EQ settings are saved but not bypass state!

Ok, this automation issue is almost certainly a bug.

Yesterday I noticed the same fail to properly retain bypass automation on my narration track, and I made sure to re-write automation bypass off for the entire duration of the episode (42 minutes). I have zero reason to touch this and didn’t touch this.

Right now I checked again and sure enough automation for this parameter was completely missing.