Bug: Unwanted Event Fragments Remain after Delete-Time on Snapped Range

Unwanted event fragments are left over after I delete audio events. Specifically, in an audio track, when I select a range by snapping to the events, if I then “Delete Time”, I’m left with an unwanted event fragment. It’s typically about 20 samples long, and is often audible as a click between events. Is this a bug? Here are the steps to replicate this:

  1. Start with a single audio track. (My track is mono, at 44.1 kHz.)
  2. Record 5 or 10 audio events or “clips”, each a few seconds long. Each clip should touch the next, but not overlap.
  3. Set the snap type to Events + Cursor.
  4. Select the Range Selection tool.
  5. Play a second or two of the track. This seems to be important.
  6. Position the cursor out of the way, so your mouse won’t snap to the cursor.
  7. Drag across a few of the middle events with your mouse. Allow your mouse to snap to the events.
  8. Press Shift-Backspace, to Delete Time (or Edit / Range / Delete Time)
  9. Snap your cursor to where the events were deleted, and zoom right in.
  10. Look for a very short clip, about 20 samples long.

If you want to repeat the procedure, undo and start over from step 5.

Most of the time, if I follow the above procedure, I find a very short clip remaining where the deleted events previously existed. So I often end up with an audible click between audio events (clips).

Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m using Cubase 9 Pro, version 9.0.30, on Windows 8.1.

I’ve upgraded to Cubase 9.5 Pro now, and I’m still getting this problem. Is anyone else having this trouble?