Bug using scroll wheel for MIDI note lengths

On Win 10…

In Key Editor I select a few MIDI notes and I use the mouse scroll wheel hovered over the tick value in ‘Length’ at the top of the edit window. When I move the scroll wheel the selected note lengths immediately go crazy, jumping to two quarter notes longer than they were and then any further attempts won’t let me reduce the note length at all.

When only one note is selected it seems to work fine.

Seems to be consistent.


It depends on which value do you hover over. You can hover over Bars, then the Bars value changes, when you use scroll-wheel. You can hover over Beats, etc.

Not sure what you’re getting at. I know how this is supposed to work - I’ve used Steinberg software since Pro-16 on the Commodore 64 and every version of Cubase!

I wanted to alter note lengths in ticks - I know I can hover over the other numbers, but this is where I want to alter the lengths by a small amount. When I begin using the scroll wheel to REDUCE the length of the selected notes their length immediately increases by two quarter notes - and then they refuse to alter at all.

I’ve noticed that the problem only happens with older 9.5 Projects. If I edit notes created in C10 it works fine.

Edit: Once a Project is re-saved and loaded under C10 it also seems to work correctly. Looks like I may have a simple solution. I’d like to know if anyone else is seeing this bug.

I have a bug sometimes happening to my logitech scroll wheel, where it will “take off” So anything I scroll will scroll a tonn of lines.
I usualy just reset the number of lines in the logitech sub menu, and everything is back to normal. I havent checked why this happens, as it seldom go nuts, and it is a quick fix.

Your issue looks similar.

Except that with my bug the note lengthens, despite me scrolling the value down.

Wich makes it a question if it is the mouse driver crapping out, cubase crapping out the mouse driver or a combo bug wich craps out the function…

I cant get same behavour on my system. I can only make the mouse wheel crap out. Wich will make anything that is scroll go nuts.

So this one can be a bit tricky to figure out. I report back if I have success reproducing your bug.