Bug: VariAudio content/Audio Editor window strangeness

  1. Select an audio event and double-click to open in (pop-out) audio editor
  2. Adjust the screen/window area to display as e.g. a half size (basically, anything that’s not full-screen)
  3. Perform VariAudio detection. See the results (notes/squares data) are in view
  4. Hover and click-drag up or down the lower edge of the window, to re-size. All good; note the content of window stays in view
  5. Click another menu heading from Left-hand pane - I chose ‘Hitpoints’. This is just to de-select VariAudio results from focus.
  6. Go back and click on the VariAudio menu to open it (do not click ‘Edit VariAudio’ button) and now try to perform item 4 again. Notice a very different behaviour as you attempt to re-size the window. Data scrolls endlessly downwards out of view, no matter if you re-size the window up or down (smaller/larger)

C12 - Audio editor window strangeness

No big deal of course; just a little clumsy. And would be nice for that panel of menu items at left be scrollable when you’ve more than one open at the same time and the window size is small…

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