Bug? VariAudio missing octaves

I use variaudio and like it on a lot of sources, it is simple and usefull.
But, on some instruments like 5 strings bass, variaudio dosen’t reach the lowest notes. It’s not like the pitch dosen’t get detected, it is the keyboard range on the left that stops before the notes. Another octave would be more than usefull! I even tried to pitch shift up, correct and pitch shift down, the results were awfull…

Bug report sequence if needed:

Create new project.
Add an audio track.
Record lowest notes on a 5 strings bass
Open Variaudio on that file
Analyse the track
Variaudio dosen’t get the low notes.


Variaudio is awesome but could definately use some improvements.

As a bass player…I immediately noticed. Seems like a weird omission.

Bass region players should play in tune, thats why. No omission :stuck_out_tongue: but it has been that way for a while.

Algorithm limitations. Same thing in the highs ! :sunglasses:

Unfortunately it’s an algorithm limitation.
It misses key scale tuning too, like on Autotune or Melodyne…
And there’s many edit issues about Variaudio that should be improved too…

That’d be great, but I think it is marketed as mainly a vocal fixer, that’s why its range is limited.

That’ s the point…