[BUG] Variaudio - range only up to note C5

I have flute and violin parts which need some timing correction and tuning and I just realized that there are a few notes going over note C5, these are not shown or can be edited, where is the option to get variaudio to work up to note C6 ?

I’ve run into this. Can’t remember the exact circumstances (I think the notes were falseto (very high) and very soft). But my solution was to cut cut that individual note, bounce just that little piece of audio and open it up in the editor. Variaudio saw it MOST of the time. But there were a few instances where it did not.

I have tried again with several instruments, also solo violin, and Variaudio has some issues with high notes. Also if I try to alter high notes from within the standard pitch dialogue window, the algorithms are producing severe artifacts.

has this already been fixed in Cubase 6 ?

I just posted about this today. The only solution I came up with was to use Melodyne…


I´d prefer using the better integration of Variaudio… has anyone checked if it´s the same note range behaviour in Cubase 6 ?


I run into this every once in a while–usually very high or very low notes, but not always. You can download a demo of C6 and see if it still exhibits the behavior. My guess is it still will.