Bug: Variaudio sluggish ( known issue #28269)

In C6,on some vocal tracks, after I’ve corrected the whole track, C6 variaudio becomes REALLY sluggish when trying to move notes. Just moving one note causes the program to freeze for a second or two. This doesn’t happen on exactly the same track in C5. Does Variaudio have mew functions that cause it to use way more processing? Is anyone else experioencing this?

It’s the same with me. Next time I try to cut 30s tracks, turn them into new audio files and start editing from there on. Maybe that helps.

+1000. My most recent track I mixed and recorded in C6 (http://lightsfadelow.com/track/cold give a listen!) I bounced the vocals to one take after using the new comping feature. That’s one 4min file. VariAudio on my screaming fast i7 980x was soooooo slow to respond! I was wondering what was wrong!

I’m glad others are noticing this. Steinberg, can you comment?

Shameless bump hoping for Steinberg comment.

Well I don’t have C6 yet however props on the song. Nice job!!!

Thanks :wink:

I would have to agree that that is a very well made track!

Thanks again! There are many more at http://www.lightsfadelow.com. The same vocalist sings on Looking, Want, and Say.

This track probably took 2 hours longer to make than it needed to because VariAudio was soooo slow to respond.

Steinberg–any comment on this?

Please fix this! I’ve gone back to 5.52 because I need this to work quickly!

Same here :frowning:

I remember reading in the issues and solutions PDF… crap… maybe it wasn’t for cubase but for the nuendo update… anyway it mentioned varaudio sluggishness and to impose some sort of limitations on your workflow.

Now, Has anyone tried doing correction on a clean project with single vocal track?

It is possible variaudio just pushed it over the edge because there are new features in Cubase 6 that may be demanding under the hood.

My suggestion would be to create a blank project and make say 16 vocal tracks.
Import a vocal event
Copy the vocal event to all 16 tracks.
Select all the audio events and bounce them all to create separate, individual audio events.
Then correct one at a time by analyzing, select all notes and quantize and straighten the pitch of the audio event in one fell swoop.
Do this for one audio event after another.

See how many you can do before the sluggishness happens. Then compare it, using the same technique in Cubase 5.

Should be revealing of something, hopefully.

I think you are over-analyzing this. The sluggishness is directly related to the length of the audio file you are editing. If you have a 4m vocal line it will be much worse than if you have a short clip.

Exactly! Here’s an easy way to test:
Create (or use one you have already) a 3-4 minute vocal track (if it’s not one file, then bounce to make one file).
Open Variaudio, analyze, select “all” nodes and then correct all.
Now try and move any note up and down and see what happens.

In my system (fairly powerful I7) just moving a note up or down cripples my system for a second or so. This DOESN’T happen in C5!

Yup I have an i7 980x. Should slice through everything like butter. Not VariAudio :frowning:

LOL Over analyzing? Not really because I wouldn’t have thought just one vocal take in an empty project would produce such poor results.

You did this in an empty project, eh?? If so, your results are seriously shocking!

I think you may need to defrag! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… that joke got me thinking… Do you see hard drive activity when you are using variaudio?

It’s a brand new PC with the fastest processor intel makes. It’s not a problem with the many people who have reported it. It’s a bug.

:bulb: Um, If it’s not a problem with the many people that reported it, how the heck can it be a bug? :bulb:

I’m not even debating wether it is or not a bug. I am just drilling for answers as to symptoms of what’s happening when you do alterations in variaudio. Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with your fastest processor? Maybe cubase is rendering the edits to disc. You follow me?

This is why I bring up disc activity:


Maybe there is a relation? Is variaudio rendering the changes to an audio file to the hard disc… hmmmm?

Ah. What I meant to say was in response to your question of defrag, which made me believe you were implying all of the folks that had reported it had a PC problem. My PC is 0% fragmented and has a fast SATA 7200 RPM drive.

Why don’t you try it yourself with any 4m vocal clip to see?

Ultimately we need STEINBERG (!!! where are you steiny?) to reply.

The defrag comment was a joke ( hence the Razz Emoticon with the tongue sticking its tongue out --> :stuck_out_tongue: <–)

I don’t have Cubase 6 yet to test, otherwise I would report as much as I could and what I see happening.

A lot of things can be seen via window’s resource meters… I don’t know how far you want to look into what is happening. I like to find the root cause if I can. I kinda wish I ordered it to see what the system is doing when variaudio is sluggish but I convinced myself to wait for a period of time as I did the last few upgrades to save the last of the color in my hair from troubleshooting and investigating.