[bug] Voice 2 rests displaced

Using Dorico version, macOS Mojave 10.14.6 on Mac Pro.

A rest in voice two is displaced vertically below the staff when notes in voices 1 and 3 are an octave apart. I haven’t found a setting that will correct this. See the second bar in the screen shot.

Welcome to the forum, cwhyles. On the face of it this doesn’t look like a bug: there’s no specific fixed order to the way Dorico handles voices, beyond there being one or more up-stem voices and one or more down-stem voices, so Dorico uses a sophisticated set of processors to determine the optimal arrangement of notes and rests when there are two or more voices active. Dorico doesn’t think that it would be clear to show that rest in the middle of the staff, so it moves it down below the staff. You can override this by setting the Rest pos. property for that rest, which will allow you to move it vertically. I hope this helps!

Where is the ‘rest pos’ property? I did look around for a way of adjusting it. I would still consider it a bug in any case. By the way the rest has been positioned, especially so far below the staff, it is not apparent which voice it belongs to or whether it is spurious. Why has it moved so far? I even turned voice colouring on to see if it was in the wrong voice, as the file was created by importing a musicxml file.

That property is located in the properties panel at the bottom. You need to make sure you have the rest in question selected so that the relevant properties appear in the panel.

So it is. Don’t know how I missed it.

Thank you.