[Bug] - volume doesn't respond to fader straight away

I’m getting close to ditching my CC121.
It works fairly well, though one of its main features (the AI knob) I use a lot less than I thought I would.

But mainly, there appears to be a bug with the fader.
On instrument channels, I often use the fader to make small volume changes to balance them…a db up or down here and there.

I’ve noticed that the volume value doesn’t always catch straight away when the value is at 0.0…I need to move it for a certain amount of time before it ‘catches’…this is without any automation or read/write enabled.
Seems to be a bug, and I’ve never, ever had this issue when I used Eucon/Euphonix Artist…

Anyone else experience this?

Hi, could this be a sensitivity issue? If so do reset the physical sensitivity setting using the instruction on pg23 of the operations manual.

personally mine is set to 6.

hope this helps.

Mine was set to 2 and wasn’t changing track volume at all. Setting it to 8 solved the problem and it is now immediately responsive every time.