[BUG] Volume Handles on Clips Disappear

When I move the fade handle to about the middle of a clip, the volume handle gets covered by the fade handle and disappears. There is no way I can adjust the volume on the clip without moving the fade first, other than doing it numerically in the info bar, that is.

I suggest adjusting the position of the volume handle so a collision with another handle doesn’t happen. Just move the handle to one side to avoid a collision with another fade handle. One should always be able to adjust all fades and clip volume without moving other handles first.

Also, why not let users grab the volume line on the complete length of the clip? Why only on this one small handle? It would solve the problem when zoomed in a lot and the handle, which always sits in the middle of the clip, is nowhere to be seen and cannot be adjusted quickly without significant scrolling. This way I could just grab the line and drag it, instead of only the small handle.

I totally agree with this. I’ve always been frustrated by the hunt-the-handle game when trying to adjust the volume of a long clip.

Some sort of always-visible handle would be great.

Agreed, this has always driven me nuts!