BUG: VST Amp Rack Reverb CPU usage

Amp Rack’s reverb takes too much CPU, and is affected by separate instances of the REVerence plugin. The reverb’s CPU usage goes down instead of up when a REVerence plugin is enabled

test case:
*add a VST Amp Rack plugin and a REVerence plugin to a separate channel. Use the “Activate Effect” buttons to toggle their state. (note that it’s a dual core system, so the max cpu usage is %200… )

All plugins deactivated: 56%
Amp Rack, reverb off : 76%
Amp Rack, reverb off; REVerence: 85%
Amp Rack, reverb on: 121%
Amp Rack, reverb on; REVerence: 108%
REVerence only: 67%

Note that CPU usage is HIGHER when the REVerence plugin is disabled. Amp Rack’s reverb takes up 45% of the cpu usage, UNLESS you add a REVerence plugin, in which case it only takes up 33%.
Also of note, either way, that does seem like excessive CPU usage for the reverb. Amp Rack is supposed to use REVerence internally, but REVerence alone seems to only use 11%.

My test system is rickety old 24" iMac with a 2.16Ghz C2D, running at 96khz, 384 samples.

I hope this helps!


Friendly bump to get acknowledgement on the bug. Can anyone else reproduce this?


Bump - can anyone else confirm this, because I’d love to see it get fixed :slight_smile:

I will check this soon.

Sorry, I can’t confirm this one. CPU usage is definitely higher when REVerence is used in addition to VST Amp Racks’ reverb.

Strange. I’ll be trying it again. Just curious - were you running on a core2duo or an i5 or i7? Something about it reminds me a little of the SSE 0-bit float bug from years ago.

Also of note, my REVerence plugin was on an entirely different channel than the Amp Rack plugin. I’ll post back with any further info I find. Thanks for checking it out though!