[Bug] VST Bass Amp turns mono

I have a project here with a VST Bass Amp inserted.
In Nuendo 7 it creates a nice stereo delay effect, in Nuendo 8 it plays back in mono.
Same session, loaded into two different versions of Nuendo. (preset closed desire from the steinberg library)

Can not confirm. Works fine here.


Have you tried the preset?
It even produces the problem when I load the VST Bass Amp onto a new stereo track and load the preset again.
Maybe only the MAC version?

Yes, I tried this specific preset.
Have put the plugin as an insert on a stereo track, and the result still is stereo.


This is really strange. I can 100% reproduce this in this session. Will try a blank session and see what it does there.

This happens even in a blank session:

  1. Create a stereo track
  2. Put VST Bass Amp into insert slot 1
  3. Load preset closed desire
  4. Play back a mono file from the created track

Nuendo 7.1.35 (macOS 10.12.5)

The file plays back in stereo (due to the effect)

Nuendo 8.0.10 (macOS 10.12.5)

The file plays back in mono

reproduced on a second mac, same problem

I also reproduced the same issue, on PC. its the delay pedal in the “Post Effects” tab that makes the stereo effect.

stereo in N7, mono in N8

We must be doing something different …

Here it is most definately stereo.
And when I flip the Bass Amp from stereo to mono and back (configuration), all works as expected.


Are you playing a mono audio file Fredo, oliver is playing a mono bass file, placed on a stereo track, with a stereo instance of bass amp. With that preset, On n7 ive found the delay pedal in post effects has some L/R bounce, but in N8 it does not.

On the betaforum, this would have cost you a couple of beers due to incomplete bugreport.
That is indeed the missing information.
I can reproduce now, and will report it.