[BUG] VST Connection Assignments Get Lost

I open VST Connections, go to the Studio tab, and there I assign Device Ports to my channels. I have my internal iMac speakers and my external Genelec monitors. I save this config as a preset.

Sometimes, I don’t fire up my Apollo audio interface, and Nuendo asks me to select another audio device. Fair enough. But this audio device doesn’t have the same ports. And all ports that don’t match, get lost. Still, fair enough.

The problem is, when I switch on my Apollo interface and start Nuendo again later, those assignments don’t come back. I need to go to the Studio tab again, and assign all the ports manually over and over. Even if I load the Preset, nothing comes back. Only the configured channels are restored, but not the assignments to device ports.

It’s annoying doing this over and over and since not even the preset brings this back, even though I saved it, this seems to be a bug.

same issue, using Focusrite 18i20; did you solve the problem or are you still assigning manually every time?