[BUG]: VST expression-only chases direction on midi ch1


  1. Add some very long notes to the midi key editor
  2. Add a VST expression Map to that channel
  3. Add some articulations (must be directions) e/g Tremelo, Con Sordino, then trill.
  4. Play back from mid point of a note

result 1 (does work): With midi channel set to 1(or any) for the track

You will get perfect chase of the direction articulations wherever you start playback from, even mid direction. Your directions will behave.

result 2 (does not work): With midi channel set to anything other than 1 (or any)
You will not get chase of the directions and as soon as you stop playback the expression map will default to the top articulation. You cannot playback a direction from mid point and get the articulation to work. To get the articulation to work you must playback from the beginning of that note.


VST expression chasing of directions only works with track output set to Midi Channel 1 (or any). It does not work on any other midi channels.

Please Fix this ASAP, or explain why it cannot be implemented on all channels.

Many Thanks

(only tested in C6-64bit)

If someone could test this as well and post a confirmation that would be great. I have forwarded it to Steinberg Support.

For me this is extremely important to be functioning correctly and something that I was looking forward to finally working properly in C6. When the Articulation Directions fully chase it is…bliss!


Hi ckon,

I can confirm the bug and everything you have written (I have tested on 32bit C6 on Mac). It happens only with direction articulations while note attribute articulations get chased just fine on any midi channel. With midi channel set to 1 or any everything behaves correctly.

When I received C6 I also tested if articulations would chase correctly and was happy to find out that it finally worked… but of course I didn’t think of testing it on different midi channels :wink:

I also hope they can implement direction articulation chase on any midi channel, let me know if you get any reply or information from Steinberg support!

Thanks Parnasso for confirming this. It is good you are on Mac System as it shows it is not platform specific.

I am hoping Steinberg fix this real quick.


Bumping this up, as I have not heard from support regarding this and do not want it to be missed. Would love to see this addressed in the next update.






Hello and thanks for the information, we need to look into this. (28096)

Thanks for the confirmation Christian.


Midi chasing is unreliable in my projects too.

However, where it does seem to be chasing, I am running into what seems to be an issue which requires very precise location of articulation switches to avoid. This is where the articulation changes in an unwanted way during a note because the articulation for the next note triggers too early.

This is an unavoidable consequence of midi chasing I guess, and often is not an issue if you are switching between notes which have enough space between them to make a switch. But when the switch takes place between short adjacent notes with no space between them it can be tricky or fiddly to set the articulation switch in just the right place.

Where there is no midi chasing of course it does not matter precisely where the articulation switch takes place, just so long as it is before the next ‘note on’.

The trouble is , we seem to be in an in-between state where we are not exactly sure whether midi chasing will happen or not!

Status, Comments
Confirmed, Cubase 6.0.0
Original report topic
Fixed with next update

Hooray! Great stuff, look forward to getting the update.

It haven’t been fixed… :cry: