BUG: VST Instrument Tracks Are Automatically Named "DynamicsArticulation 01", DynamicsArticulation 02, Etc...

  1. Add Instrument Track
  2. Select ‘no vst instrument’
  3. Click ‘Add Track’
  4. Track name is named “DynamicsArticulation 01”

Wouldn’t just a blank name or ‘Instrument 01’ or similar be better? I forget what it was called in earlier versions but this name is some sort of crazy name. I think it just used to be blank before.

Why would someone create blank instrument tracks you might ask?
Sometimes I like to make a bunch of Instrument tracks in advance then record MIDI on them without loading any virtual instrument play my digital piano or real synth while monitoring the audio through my interface/mixer and then think of a virtual instrument that would suit the melody or sound that I had in mind.