Bug? VST Instrument Windows Not Moving To On Top

I’ve noticed that when I press F7 (my VST Instruments key) or F5 (my VST Performance key), etc… the windows are not displaying. I’ve discovered that what is going on is that they are not being pushed to the top of the stack and are thus hidden behind others windows (like MixConsole).

Is it my memory or didn’t previous versions -always- force these to the front when the key command was hit?

Anyone else noticed this? Drag.


why don’t you just ask a question instead of steaming in with …BUG . it must be the way you have setup and saved at some point as all functions open up perfect here on 32-64 bit pc

People act like ‘BUG’ is some insult. It’s just a question. I wrote code for 20 years and ‘the b word’ only stresses devs out when followed by inflammatory language.

AFAIK, there is no ‘setting’ in Cubase which controls the on top behaviour of the ‘main’ windows, like the VST Rack. They’re supposed to -always- appear on top when activated.

Anyone else noticing this?


What happens when you start with a new set of preference files?

I’m not, it is working correctly here on PC/Cubase 64bit

Hmmm… thanks.


It is correctly working for me too ; Cubase 7.01 64 bit on mac OSX 10.8.2.


Actually it is a recorgnised and common problem, mixer window always takes preference as the plugin windows do not float in a stackable manner on top of mix consoles. Not confined to C7 either, been an issue through lots of releases, it’s a nuisance and leads to lots of fiddly clicking, ie turning plugin off and then back on to bring to front.

It’s unfortunate that once a workaround is found (in this case keep open plugins on top of arrange page on monitor one) Steinberg have little incentive to rectify it, after all, does any one really want to maybe edit the length of a midi note whilst adjusting decay or release of a vsti…


Thanks. I found something similar. I resized the Arrange window to cover both monitors, then closed every window but the VST Rack. Then moved the rack to the other monitor and… ET VIOLA… it magically now comes back to the top. I have -no- idea what combination of steps ‘fixed’ it, but as you write, obviously fiddling around with window sizes and placement somehow ‘unsticks’ it.


Look at the title again, please: “Bug? VST Instrument Windows Not Moving To On Top”

Aren’t you more interested in finding an answer to your issue rather than if someone can confirm that it is really a bug?

I’ve been using Cubase for 13 years. Pressing the key command -must- move the VST Rack to the front… or it’s a bug. QED.

I’ve found a ‘workaround’ for now but… it’s still a bug that it happen(ed) at all.


It is obviously a preference issue, and is therefore not a bug, so please change the topic title.