BUG: VST3 Plugins Graphics Lag

Hi, I talked about this in another thread but think it needs a thread of its own, especially as someone else has confirmed the same problem. What happens is any VST3 effect plugin suffers from graphical glitches where the volume meters lag and stutter and jerk. I tested it with a blank project and the same thing happens. I tested it with the following plugins:Compresser, DeEsser, Expander, Gate, Maximiser. It is either Steinberg plugins or, I suspect, VST3 plugins. My other effects from other companies work just fine, e.g. T-Racks stuff.

I should also say the ASIO meter is barely twitching and there is no sound problem

yeah i’ve been getting lag on the gain reduction meter on the vst3 compressor, quite bad lag actually…

works fine in 5.5.2. so this must be a v6 issue only…

asio meter at around 10%.

edit: should mention that i’ve been using it in external sidechain mode.

I’ve tried to reproduce this with all the VST3 plugins mentioned in the OP, one stereo audio track, ASIO meter is at effectively zero throughout … sorry, can’t reproduce. Do you mean, the audio is fine (no latency) but the visual movement of the meters on-screen lags behind what you’re hearing?

It would also be useful to know your audio/graphics config!

RME RayDAT @ 44.1kHz/24-bit, 256 samples (6ms)
ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro with a single monitor @ 1680x1050

Mine will get what seems to be frozen in the gain reduction meter. Audio stays pumping but the meter sticks. I have m audio fast track sc with latest drivers and on board ATI radeon 4800 I think it is. Stock to the gigabyte ma785gpmuds2h

I can confirm this bug, I have the exact same issue.

I have only seen this behaviour with Steinberg plugins, non steinberg plugins seem to work fine.

Can I ask you all to say what graphics card you’re using please?

A few questions:

Is is only the gain reduction meter with the lag or the input/output meters too ?
Does the problem show up after a Cubase restart ?
Or after a reboot ?
Does it show up immediately or after a few hours of work ?

and which 'puter?

I ask because from my experience seems to me macs suffer from this
graphics lag thang more than pc’s

It’s only the gain reduction meter. its immediate and random too. I have a pc quad core 5 gigs. Only during sidechain it seems.

With me it is all meters. I have a GeForce GTX 460 with latest nvidia 265.58 drivers although I fail to see how it could be the graphic card since all non - steinberg plugs work fine

The same question to you:

Does the problem disappear after a reboot ?

I was suprised by this suggestion because I am always turning off and on my machine every day of course however I thought I would give it a go so rebooted and started Cubase as the only app and the problem is no longer there. Does this mean it is other apps that cause the problem?

It stayed working until I stopped now so that is 2 hours using a number of projects. I will need to monitor this and try again after using the machine for a while for other work as it could well be due to some other app interacting somehow

I’ve been getting lag on the sidechained compressor gain reduction meter constantly…starts as soon as i open cubase, rebooting makes no difference…

really annoying, it’s not even lag really just random behaviour, like no readout at all for a bit then all of a sudden activity, then back to nothing…

this on a sony vaio laptop with a geforce gt 330m graphics card…

Mine is the same situation.

Looks like a reboot helps, a restart of Cubase alone doesn’t. So far I’ve only heard from occasionally stocking meters in the VST3 Plug-in Set in general. The problem with the gain reduction meter in the side chain compressor seems to be a different one. Especially if a reboot doesn’t help. I’ll post it here if I find anything.

In the past, i had GUI Problems with CB plugins to, but c5.5.
The reason was the Audiodriver. (M-Audio Delta 1010lt)
I just can use the first 2 releases of the driver, when i take a newer one, Cubase plugins Gui doesnt work (and other very, very, strange problems…)

Correct me if I’m wrong but the one common thing I can see here is Nvidia graphics chips.
Is there anyone experiencing this problem with an ATI/AMD graphics chip?

I have ATI and and processor. Today the whole shows no action.