[BUG] VSTi multi - confusing issue


Still struggling here with Multi-channel VSTi. I am writing this while it’s in my head before really trying to find time to create a repro, if I can.

I have been experimenting with the new Mutli-channel VSTi’s. So far with just Kontakt 5. Now, the beauty of this will be (when it works) that we can drag a bunch of tracks across projects and have sounds and midi all transferred at once.

Which is exactly what I did. Joy!


As I progressed, I discovered some strange ghost like tracks in the project window. The channels in the mix console look odd too, all named “synth”, which was not the name these channels had in the source project from which they were dragged.

I hit WRITE for automation, and these ghost tracks vanish. Then more substantial looking, “normal” style synth tracks appeared in the project window. Only that these were bunched in with another Kontakt instance I had already loaded. Get this: 2 Kontakt instances are now grouping their outputs under one folder in the VST instruments folder of the project window.

THe channels in the mix console change colour too, at this instant.

After saving I get a crash. Ok, maybe a glitch I think.

Reverting to a backup, I try placing the “dragged” Kontakt tracks in WRITE again, and the whole thing happens again.

With my previously reported bug about TRIM not working for these new multi channel VSTi’s, there is certainly something very strange going on with the coding that had been created for these VSTi’s.

I am loathe to return to using Rack instruments, as these cannot be dragged across projects so easily. But it looks like I may have to, as saving from this state causes a crash, fairly guaranteed.

Can SB please have a deep look at what is going on here.

I will try and create a solid repro, if I can work out what is doing this. But even without a repro, something is definitely wrong here. The TRIM bug is enough to raise eyebrows here.


Ok, a little more on this bug.

I created a completely fresh project, and dragged into it two parts from another project. These two parts are from two respective tracks, the first a VSTi (RMX) and the second a MIDI track auto-assigned to the same VSTi.

I dragged these two parts to virgin area on the project, to enable N6.5 to generate new tracks and implement the loading up of the VSTi associated with the parts. A feature I love. Deeply.

In the new project, after dragging, at first, all looks good. The VSTi is loaded, and the tracks are working. When I then go ahead and save this new project, and revert to saved (i.e. re-load it) then I get the very unexpected situation as shown in the attached PDF.

A “ghost” track has appeared, and N6.5 doesn’t like it - asking me to remove it.

This is a simpler situation than I detailed in my OP. You can see that The RMS VSTi has it’s track (Pink) but a VST Instrument track has appeared, serving to deal with the additional output form this VSTi (dark purple). When I click OK on the alert to “remove tracks that could not be connected” the ghost track (grey) vanishes.

In my previous scenario, the new VST Instrument tracks that the Kontakt VSTi needed were “merged” with those of an existing, previously instantiated Kontakt RACK instrument. This is when all hell brooke loose (crashes and confusion).

I have made a feature request that VSTi is properly thought through at SB. If anyone is serious about N6.5 and it’s fantastic MIDI features, please join me in getting a little noisy about this great feature which is just not working yet.

VSTi issue.jpg