Bug Wavelab 9.5.50 and Softtube Weiss plugins crash

I have a bug with Wavelab 9.5.50 and Softtube Weiss plugins using windows 10. When Weiss plugins are on the master track it freezes Wavelab randomly and makes it unusable. I have to close the program. This can either be when its rendering or when Wavelab has been idle. Happens everyday this end which is becoming an issue with work flow. The only thing I’ve been able to do is, as soon as I’m rendering in Wavelab is to reset the master plugin rack to avoid a freeze. Doesn’t happen when other plugins are in the rack only seems to be Softube Weiss plugins.

When you say “master track”, do you mean the global master section, or the montage output section?

I did a little testing here but I’m on Mac.

I never use the global master section but I put Weiss DSM-MK3 in the montage output section and didn’t experience any issues when playing audio, or rendering.

Either way, this ls likely something that you need to write to Softube about.

I am on a Windows 10 system and mainly use the global master section. I loaded up a Softube Weiss plug (maximizer) to test. No abnormal behavior was displayed. I will add though that I rarely use these plugs.

global master section, the issue is i don’t load up the plugin and the problem starts immediately. It happens after the plugin has been active on the global master for a while. mostly through a long render of 20min or more of if i leave wavelab idle for a period of time, i get the circular loading motion on the mouse pointer and if i click anywhere on wavelab, windows tells me the program is not responding and to quit. it’s definitely intermittent and doesn’t seem to have a definite reproducible step other than a long render of a file, say an hours worth of audio or if wavelab is left idle for a couple of hours. just a pain esp if the global master section has not been saved.

Have you ruled out Windows Update having an effect on this, if the computer is idle? Downloading updates, preparing for updates, etc. Have you checked the active hours in the Windows Update settings? I’ve had a couple of computers crash/programs become unresponsive, with a number of idle open programs at a time, which I’ve blamed on Windows 10 update doing it’s thing. If Weiss is one of your most demanding plugins for memory or something, maybe it contributes if Windows update is actively doing something?

And, adding to bob99’s comments/experience, if you are using Windows security, this seems to be infrequently and randomly cause WL to just ‘vanish’ or become momentarily unresponsive.