Bug: Wavelab not saving recorded objects

Hey WL Community,

I have been having an issue with a bug for quite a while now, but it is difficult to describe, there is no error message, and it only happens once every so often, so I have avoided taking the time to sit down and jot it out. But here I am now.

Anyways, the bug is that very, very occasionally when I open up a WL project, one of the objects will be missing. When I am doing an analog capture within WL at the time, the object appears in the session with a waveform and everything. But the file never winds up appearing in the designated folder it was supposed to be created in, and then it just shows up as an empty object next time I open the session. I can say with certainty that this isn’t something I simply forgot to save, or that it somehow went to a wrong folder, or that I only imagined capturing the song in the first place. The file seems to exist in WL for that one moment, and then vanish forever. I have never gotten an error message specific to this, so I can’t really provide any receipts to further explain the issue.

I am using WaveLab Pro

Any insight on whether this can be fixed in an update or avoided by me altogether would be greatly appreciated.

What do you call an “object”? This is not a terminology used in WaveLab.

‘Object’ is a Sequoia term … montage clip in WL is basically the same. Sequoia has some additional ‘clip/object’ editing functions.

So do you save in “Folder” named or “Temp”
and the question as PG and Paul is it a “Montage” file or “Project” file ?

Tell more…

regards S-EH

It might also help if we knew the OS … Windows OSX and what version.

I can say that I have had something very similar happen a number of years ago in a ProTools system.

The rendered file ‘seemed to be there’ but viewing the destination folder or a progressive back up (it was an audio post environment) later it was not.

We never really got to the bottom of it but the consensus at the time here was that it was likely a disk error. We stopped using that hard drive as a working drive.

So maybe a write to disk error rather than WL?

Do you mean, the clip does not appear in the montage, or the underlying audio file is missing?

Sorry, had not checked to see if anyone had replied to this in a few days!

Yes, I @Paul_Rat_Blakey pointed out, I meant to say clip, which is in a montage. Was a longtime Sequoia user before moving onto Wavelab.

When I am capturing audio, I will go to “File Properties for Recording” and then create a folder where I want the recorded audio to go to.

The clip (with it’s waveform, fades, plug-ins etc.) does appear in the montage. But when I close WL and open the montage again, it’s as if I manually deleted that audio file, and the clip is now empty. It is kind of hard to explain, I hope this makes sense, thanks for your patience.

If the clip is in the montage the underlying file must be present as well as (like in Sequo*a) it references that.

If the underlying file then subsequently ‘disappears’ may it’s a write to disk error (that is hardware rather than WL)?