BUG: Weird behavior of auto distance of staves in write mode


thank you so much for creating this wonderful notation software - in many aspects it’s fun to work with!

Of course there are still many things to do…

I’ve found the above mentioned bug and have recorded it, but can not upload it here (mp4). I work with changing of voices for a conductor’s score (get two separate stemmed voices together to two voices with one stem). One of the most important things here is to safe vertical space… When I use the number 1. for the first player and move it horizontally in write mode in order to avoid horizontal stacking of items, the distance of staves on the next page (!) becomes bigger and bigger with each horizontal movement of the number.

On another occasion it cumulated to this:

As well I encounter the above mentioned “whack-a-mole-disease” quite often, but lack the time to document it in detail. It seemed to be random for me, but I’ll try to find a rule.

There are a lot of tasks for the programmers to do in order to improve the workflow of Dorico; when I work with voices like I described it above, I have to do four mouse clicks (no key command available here) to change the first voice with stems down to the first with stems up every time (which is quite often in a whole score), and that is only one example.

And many tasks in Dorico you can only achieve with using the mouse, which is annoyingly hindering the workflow - one of the most important things for a professional notesetter at all…

Please focus on that - if you’d like to know more, I can send you a list in german where I document these many little time consumers (Windows 7 x64, Dorico

Thank you!

Please do send me the video file and your Dorico project so that I can reproduce the problem you describe here. You can use a free service like WeTransfer.com to send large files. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Thank you!

Hello Daniel,

thank you very much for your reply - I just now visited the forum again! The files only have 3MB together, so I will send them now just as an attachment. I hope this is ok.

I just opened the Dorico file again and had to realize that the flaw which is documented in the video is gone - I had to work further with it and did a lot of touch up. Even in the oldest backup file the flaw is missing already - sorry! Just in case I will send you the actual file, perhaps some tracks are left…

I think the most important difference between Dorico and some other notation programs is the unbelievable presence of really senior staff like you in this forum! Thank you very much for your work!

Found another backup with flaw still present!