Bug when creating marker pairs in montage

When I split a track in the montage view and then put marker pairs (could be CD, loop or region markers) wavelab will put the first pair of markers correctly (start and end markers), but starting with the second region it creates end markers only. Wavelab usually crashes shortly after.

Wavelab7 64 bit, running on Windows 7.

OK, I see.

Audio File is split into regions - with no gap between regions. Only the start marker is added when applying region markers. If there is a gap, this is not a problem. However, with some of our montages exceeding 30 regions, moving each region to create a gap is not practical.

  1. Load audio file into a montage.
  2. Split it into several regions using ā€œsā€ shortcut.
  3. Select a region by double-clicking it and press

  1. Select consecutive region and press