Bug when rendering Audio Montage to wav or mp3

I encounter an error when I render a rather big CD Project (203 tracks for a digital release) to either wav or mp3:

after 42 rendered files in WL9.5.15 I get an " an error occurred. the file could not be created".

Now this Montage was already created in August or even July and was altered since then.

I always could render all the tracks in different fileformats before.

I did try an older Montage from September, but i get the same error.
There is enough HD space available.

Maybe a bug in the latest update?

Any ideas?

@PG: I could upload you the whole Project to Dropbox for verification if you like.


On your picture, the message box seems to imply there is ? character in your file name. This character is forbidden by the Windows file system. That must be the explanation.

that makes sense!

Funny thing is that it didn’t make a problem before. it did change the filename from ? to a - by itself.
maybe fall creators update did change something.