Bug when Scanning VST3...

When trying to start cubase 10.5 pro, the initialisation freeze to « scanning VST3 Plug-ins… ».
This is what I did to try to solve the problem

  • Install the 10.5 version (I had the one just before the 10.5) => still the same problem
  • Try to repair with the 10.0.5 version => same problem
  • Try to give the VST3 plugins directories another name (VST3xxx) and start cubase again => working but no VST available in the software)
  • Uninstall totally cubase 10 and re-install it => same problem

I though perhaps the folders were corrupted but I also have WAVELAB 9 and it is working fine with all plugins.
Any idea?

It def. takes a while scanning the VST 3 plug ins.
Did you wait long enough? Just asking…
On my side I measured 4:35 ´til the Hub pops up
Another 8:24 minutes for opening my mixing template…

Thks for the answer, I forgot the first time it showed up to power off my computer, I saw that only the day after, still on the vst3 scanning… :open_mouth:

Finally, I found the problem!! there was a bug with PSP plugin, I delete it and re-installed it in vst2 and now there is no more “scanning vst3” problem.