Bug when selecting next slur by arrow?

When selecting a slur and moving to the next slur by pressing the arrow key, the selection automatically jumps to the next slur in the top staff. Is it something in my settings or is it a bug?

Moving from a slur by pressing the arrow keys moves to the next or previous slur if one exists. This is expected behavior. Can you give more information? E.g. a snippet of your notation.
selecting slurs

Yes, but in your video the selecton stays on the same staff. In my case, the selection jumps up to the topp staff

Hello Stian, could you do the same video again with voice colours switched on?

Sure! And thanks!

Thank you Stian,
yes this looks like unexpected behaviour :lady_beetle:

But without the Dorico project file (or at least a snippet of it) we can’t find out what is going on here.

Yes, I’d be happy to investigate, but please provide a minimal Dorico project that reproduces the issue.