Bug when using pitch before duration and "r" - repeat key sounds on different pitch

There is a problem with the note being heard while entering notes using “r” (repeat) while Pitch before Duration is activated.

I tried to use the pitch before duration new feature in v3.5.
Then I press on the keyboard one of the letters like “A”, then usually when writing a melody part I simply type “r” to repeat the note then move it up/down then press “r” again and continue from there.

so let’s Say I type “A” on first note entry. Then I press “r” (repeat “A”) and move the second note up (to “B”).
Then when I press “r” (to repeat the note B) - it really add the note “B” but Dorico playback (while I’m in note input) the note “A” again!
Then I move the note up to “C” and press “r” (repeat) - which really add the note “C” but dorico play the note “A” again.
This is very confusing and distracting my ability to hear the melody in my head

PS I really love the new ability to pres accidental keys -/+ (b/#) after I enter the note - this is much more intuitive for me.

Thanks for reporting this, Jerome. We’ll fix it.