BUG Windows Handling Cubase12 / Win10

There’s a really uncomfortable and buggy behavior of Cubase12 on Win10:

I can’t use the “Cubase Desktop” as a Window. It’s always open in/as a max Windows. I can only hide it or show as max. With only one Monitor i can’t put two applications side-by-side.

Does anybody know how it works? How to toggle Cubase to work in the standard Windows way?

As “work around” i could use serveral virtual desktops, but there is a bug:
The Menubar is showing on each Virtual Desktop not only one the one, where cubase it running.

Perhaps the Dev Teams spend to much time to support M1 nativ (which is really necessary) - but i should don’t forget the standards of each OS System. :wink:

Does anyone has an idea?