BUG with autosplit / markers

Old markers do not get deleted when running another pass of autosplit on a file even though the option “delete markers of the same type” is checked

I can’t reproduce this problem. Please describe the settings of the auto split dialog.

Really? Will test again tomorrow and report back:)

Just tested again and it still leaves behind some of the old markers.

Heres what I did:

  • Took a test file
  • split it using following settings: audio file in active window, split at silences (750 ms, 1 s, -45 dB), do not split only create markers (region markers start/end) and before processing delete all…CHECKED
  • removed a part of the file
  • ran the split routine again. The split routine works but markers are left behind creating double starts on top of each other

I have done this a million time in WL 7 so it’s a bug introduced in 8 I’m afraid.

Check the screendump http://tonekontrol.dk/temp/IMG_2035.JPG

so it’s a bug introduced in 8 I’m afraid

You are using 8 or 8.5?

8.5 30 (build 871) 64 bit on win 7

pls note that I used a preset copied from WL7 - maybe that’s why?

Were you able to reproduce PG?

Not yet tested, but this will come.

actually just tested in on my new MBP (totally fresh and nothing migrated / copied from earlier versions) and it seems to work ok - maybe the cause is copying autosplit presets from earlier Wavelab versions?

I don’t think this can be related to a preset. Please let me know if you can confirm all is well, after a while.


seems to work as expected on my Macbook but bug is present on my PC.

WL leaves behind markers supposed to get deleted when deleting part of the audio - then running a new round of autospilt. I can document with a video if you want :slight_smile:

I can document with a video if you want

That would be nice.

Here you go:


The two videos shows two scenarios where the existing markers get “corrupted” or doubled when running the autosplit routine again after having edited part of the file. First video I insert a copied part to split the second part in two.

In the second video it’s the other way around: a part of the file is removed.

This is a way I’ve been working for years with previous versions of WL.

Note that everything seems to work as expected up until the edit point? Seems to be related to not deleting the region start / end marker correctly

Problem has been identified and fixed.

You rock! :slight_smile:

Any chance of an updated version out soon? This really slows me down on a daily basis :frowning:

Within this quarter.