bug with [brackets]

if I try to input a text with a right (closing) bracket ] into a Project Info… field, the next flow label
will be chosen instead…
As example: try to input [2018] into the copyright field.

[edit] I am running Dorico in English, using a German keyboard on Mac.

It’s not causing me any problem here (see screenshot). Is there a possibility you’ve got a keyboard shortcut that involves the key for “]”?

If I open the Project Info… window
and than press ALT+6 (that is the closing bracket ] on a german keyboard), I will hop to the Info for the next flow.
Pressing ALT+5 (that is the opening bracket [ on a german keyboard) will take me back to the Info of the previous flow.
I have not set up a keyboard shortcut for this in Dorico. Where would I do that?

On the Help menu in Dorico there is an option called Key Commands. Open it - it’ll open as a web page, but the content is specific to YOUR computer and YOUR keyboard shortcuts. What shows up on the screen if you then type Alt-6? It’s THAT shortcut that you need to then change within Dorico Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts


it opens the file http://localhost:64903/dorico/keycommands/ on my computer.

There are keyboard shortcuts with ALT+ like

ALT+8 Set Focus (Bottom Pane) or
ALT+7 Set Focus (Left Pane)

but there are none for ALT+5 or ALT+6

So I guess, this must be an unwanted feature or actually
a bug…

… here are some of my key commands:

k_b, what operating system are you on?
I’m using Windows, and on my German keyboard the square brackets are AltGr+8 and AltGr+9, not 5 and 6 as you said.

Estigy, I am running Dorico in English, using a German keyboard layout on macOS operating system.

Two further thoughts:

  1. Are you inadvertently running Keyboard Maestro or similar?

  2. Are Scroll Lock or Num Lock on? If so, try turning them off. If not, try turning them on.

no, I do not have any additional keyboard software installed. I think the behaviour of Dorico must have changed with the update to 1.2. I did not have this bug/problem before. I have always put the year with brackets into the copyright field of Project Info… [2017]
At some point in the last month the input would disappear after having put in the second (closing) bracket ]. I have at least figured out the culprit for this: the „newly invented“ shortkey (switch to next flow)… The only way to input f.e. [2018] is to paste it from the clipboard, having typed it into TextEdit as an example… Sort of annoying. That is, why I think it must be a bug.

I can understand why it’s only been a problem since v1.2 - those buttons were only added in 1.2.

I give up - maybe it is a bug, particularly as there doesn’t seem to be an “official” shortcut for those buttons.
Daniel, any thoughts?

I am not in any way familiar with a German Keyboard. And maybe I am missing something very important here… Is the ALT key used instead of the SHIFT key on German Keyboards? On U.S. keyboards you would hit SHIFT to get the other characters. And for my own knowledge,I am curious as to how the ALT key is used on a German keyboard.


Robby, the layouts are not that different.
Shift, Alt and Ctrl keys work as usual. But as some extra keys are needed and therefore reserved for the Umlaute ä ö ü we are sort of short of keys for the characters, which normally live in that area…
Some characters are been produced by involving the Alt key (like square brackets need Alt+5 and Alt+6 on German layout Mac keyboard)…

[Edit] I typed as k_b was typing to me. Thanks for the info k_b!

Wow! I just did some research on German Keyboards.

Seems very different from English keyboards. Although it also seems that there are many more characters available from simple key commands, as opposed to hunting for UNICODE information, or copying from a character viewer.

I am very sorry you are having this issue. I am hoping you find a resolution soon.


and greetings to New Mexico!