Bug with chord parentheses?

I love the parenthesis for chords. However, I seem to have stumbled on a bug. It was working great for everything until I hit this case pictured below. The final A7 should be followed by a closing parenthesis.
Chord parens
The issue is that I have a Chord symbol override for A7 and all its variations because the 7 is too close to the A to be clearly legible. If I delete that chord symbol override, then the parenthesis appears as expected.

This isn’t a bug, but rather a limitation, unfortunately. Dorico can’t add parentheses automatically to chord symbols with overridden appearances. You could add the parenthesis yourself in Engrave mode, though I know that’s not ideal.

It doesn’t allow me to enter a symbol override of A7)

Are you saying, add the parentheses to all A7 occurrences? That would put the parentheses throughout the music, which would not work. I guess I could create an override for a chord I would otherwise never use and edit that to show as A7)

Is there any chance of releasing a new variation of the font that has a little more breathing room after the “A”?

I think the idea was to use SHIFT+X text to add the parenthesis and then to maneuver it into place in Engrave mode.

Oh, I see. In this case, the A7 chords don’t appear very often, so I just deleted the override. I would like to find a font I can use for the chords that would not require these overrides. Overall the font is great. It is really only the A chords where the suffices are too close to the root chord.

One could edit the kerning in the font. (Any takers?) Or request a tweak from the developer. I agree about the spacing of the 7. It looks like it could use a larger left side bearing generally, rather than just a kerning pair with A.

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