Bug with clip locking

  1. Put two clips on one track - with slow easily visible fades
  2. Go to the edit tab, and lock the first clip
  3. Drag the 2nd clip backward over the top of the 1st clip so a crossfade is created.
  4. Drag the 2nd clip forward away from the 1st clip so the crossfade is removed.
  5. Notice the fade-out for the 1st clip has been lost - even though it’s locked.

This becomes a major problem when trying to record a new version for a song once all CD markers and everything is already in place. I record at the correct position, but if I go past the normal clip length at all, the new recording is placed at a position where a crossfade gets created… and the original fades on the other finished clips are overwritten.

Hey PG, I have a suggestion for this…

When creating a crossfade, why is the original fade that was in each clip lost? It seems it should never be lost… Anytime a clip is dragged away from the original clip and the crossfade disappears, I wish Wavelab would restore the original fade that existed for each clip prior to the crossfade.


I could not reproduce the problem (“original fade lost”).
Hence there must a special setting combination in your case.
Options can be found in Ribbon > Fade > Options (far right side)
and Ribbon > Edit >Snapping.
Maybe experiment with these.