Bug with comments

When I try to enter a comment it is impossible to access the window in which I can write. The only thing that I can do is hit escape to return to write mode.
Tried to upload a screenshot but the server indicates an upload error.
I cannot attach diagnostics either.
Thank you for your help.

I believe you need to have something in your score selected first. Then click the + symbol to open the comment window. The comment needs to be attached to a point in your score.

Hello and thank you for your response.
Indeed, this is what I did, and even selected a note in the upper staff as recommended when I observed the behavior.
I think it is something to do with multiple screens : I just used only the secondary one (Win+P) and I managed to somehow access the comment window by splitting the two sub windows of Dorico (Win+arrows).
Not very ergonomic though.

Welcome to the forum, @tamzeComposer. Do other dialogs open OK on your secondary display? For example, any of the dialogs in the Write > Transform submenu?

Hello @dspreadbury.

Indeed, the dialog opens properly. The secondary display of the transform window opens in the same area of the comment one (memorized).

For some reason the secondary display was “behind” the first one and was nor accessible nor visible unless positioning the mouse on the icon in the taskbar but even then the comment box didn’t appear.
Capture d’écran 2023-01-23 191437.jpeg

It was solved by activating one screen only, splitting display, and then reaching comment as shown. Of course, now I can use the two screens properly.

Maybe it is nothing to do with Dorico.
Sorry bothering you about this minor issue.

Thank you for your response.
Have a nice day.

No worries at all. I’m sorry that you ran into this problem. There are some odd problems with multiple displays caused by the Qt framework that Dorico is built upon.

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