bug with copy-paste ?

it’s my first post and I’m new to dorico.
I notice a problem when I try to copy paste a measurement, very often there is an error, if I copy triplets, dorico glue eighth notes, or other shifts.
I put a simple screen copy, do I make a mistake or is it a bug ?
thank you

You didn’t select the first “3”. If you want to copy and paste triplets, you really do need to select the whole triplet.

thanks, I did not look well :frowning:

I’ve often made this mistake, as I’m used to the tuplet getting selected automatically when selecting notes. In Dorico this only happens if you select an entire bar or otherwise if you’re sure to include the tuplet number or flag in the selection. If, in your example, you’d clicked somewhere in the bar but not on an object, you’d not only have selected all the notes but also all the other events within the bar, including the tuplet numbers.