Bug with cross staff and ottava?

Is this a defect? Mininal project attached. Dorico won’t put the ottava on the single note. Or rather, it does, and keeps stacking them up as you try repeatedly but they are not visible.

bug.dorico (385.8 KB)

Addendum, well, if I originate the tuplet on the top staff, it works fine. Yet in other sections of the pice I originate from the bottom staff and that works. Odd.

When you have cross-staff notes, you need to input the octave line either from the caret (i.e. activate the caret, make sure it’s on the top staff, and input the octave line with the caret active, making sure you press Space after input to give it duration and make it appear) or input it on the bottom staff and move it to the staff above.

Yes, in your example inputting the octave line on the bottom staff outside of input seems to input it without it appearing, but pressing Alt/Opt-N immediately (without deselecting anything) brings it up on the top staff. I’m not sure why it’s not appearing immediately on the bottom though.