Bug with cubasis 3 Mixdown of LE04 AR 909 Drum Machine

When pressing mixdown in Cubasis 3 for some reason it resets or moves the decay knob on the 909 kick.
To reproduce:

  1. open AR 909 auv3 on a track in Cubasis 3. Make a short decay kick, lets say decay at 9 o clock. Play back the track and hear the tight kick.
  2. Go to mixdown in cubasis 3 to render the drum track. The kick will sound different. That’s because the decay knob in the 909 moved /reset to mid position when initiating the Cubasis 3 mixdown

Does pressing mixdown send some sort of midi messaging ? It is not the first time I notice something wrong with mixdowns. It messes some plug-ins up.

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for your message.

The upcoming Cubasis 3.2 update, which is planned to go live on Monday, Dec 21, 2020 includes many AU-related improvements.

Please give the topic another try using the new update, and let us know if the problem is solved.


This one issue is still unresolved.
I think it is critical to get this one fixed ASAP as initiating mixdown is sending some sort of message to the auv3s messing some of them up. In this particular case it is clear as you can see the decay knob of the 909 kickdrum move from 9 to 12 position. But I’m sure there are other auv3s out there affected by this.