Bug with external effects plugin when copying clip in montage

Hi All,

I think I’ve found a bug maybe I am doing something wrong but its a workflow I use from Wavelab 10 and only getting it now I upgraded to 11.

I am processing a clip as normal using the external fx plugin to incorporate some outboard.

When I copy this clip to a new track the original clip can no longer be heard. If I bypass the external fx it comes back. If I undo the clip copy the playback comes back as well. It seems like something about copying a clip with the external fx plugin creates some kind of issue for the external effects plugin on the original file?

Just putting here to see if anyone else has the issue or if support can recreate the issue.

Wavelab 11.1.10 (build 39)
Mac OSX - 10.14.6
Macbook Pro 14,3 2.9 i7