Bug with glissandos

(I dont’ know if this is the way to post a bug. If not, please, tell me where).
I enclose a file with an example that has caused a bug with glissandos. It has been copied from the original file to this one. The problem emerged when I tried to change note spacing of the grace notes to align them to the beat. Then the gliss. lines disappeared. Now, once copied to another file I can’t make them work properly. I enclose the example file.
Untitled Project 1.zip (789 KB)

Where are there supposed to be glissandi?

Between each non repeated grace note. You can see the space of the gliss. but not the line. If you try to add a gliss. you will see that no line appears, unless in my computer.

Ah! I’m pretty sure that the development team already know about this: if you put something before the first real beat of the first bar, it kind of doesn’t have anywhere to exist and certain things don’t work. I can’t think of an easy way round this at present.

But it worked before making space changing. I enclose an example that shows grace notes with glissandi. The question is that after making extreme position change (note spacing), these gliss. disappeared…

The example screenshot very clearly is not on bar 1 of a flow…

Look: if I open your example project, add a bar at the start (and a time signature, in order to be able to add a bar), the glissandi come back.

Oh, thanks, that gives the opportunity to recover the glissandi! In any case, this happened in the middle of a piece after making a note space change (gliss. where visible before that). I copied the bar at the beginning of a new document to show the example…

Thanks for reporting this: we’ll try to sort this out in a future version.