Bug with grace note position before/after barline?

I enclose a project in which a grace note in the cello part can’t be changed to “after barline” position unless is deleted a grace note in the piano part… I have extracted it from a larger project. I really don’t know how this has happened… At the same time, if you change the piano grace note to after the barline, the cello gracenote also changes… It seems that they are linked…
test.zip (1.84 MB)

I have just discovered that you can’t set a different barline position of gracenotes at the same rhythmic position… So, it should not be a bug…

Indeed, at the moment all grace notes at the same rhythmic position must be at the same barline-relative position. This is something we are considering changing in future.

Finally found this thread which explained the problem I was having.
I would like to add my vote to make grace note-barline interaction independent per player in the future!

For reference, my use-case is from de Falla’s El Amor Brujo (single grace note in oboe solo vs repeated structure in viola):

I second this, I already had that exact same problem…

I’ll chime in hoping for this as well. I have exactly the same situation as in the pictured example, but in a different piece: a Nachschlag for a trill, at the same rhythmic point as a single grace note in another instrument. The former needs to come before the beat, the latter after it.

I second this change too. Just came across a similar case in my score were I need the flute grace note before the barline and the violin 1 grcae note after the same barline. Doesn’t work.