Bug with inputting Drum Triplets

I am having huge trouble just inputting a simple triplet of 3 consecutive 1/8 notes>
running Dorico 3.1. (version dated 17/02/2020) this is a very important project for me.
Basically the most simple drum fill of tom 1>tom2 > floor tom within a triplet.
I was shocked to see this was impossible to achieve. I have researched plenty and no solution previously advised helped. What happens is that I can only input a drum triplet if it’s using the same note (i.e. 3 consecutive floor toms) … the triplet otherwise breaks and when I press alt+up to pitch up the voice to the sound I want the triplet breaks into a new voice. I tried the Edit>percussion> change voice of that particular note in order to get it back into the fold - didn’t work.
I tried messing with the Drum Set properties in the Setup tab, all 3 toms have the same direction. I even tried moving them a few times in the grid, didn’t work.
Alas I even tried single Voice drum set, and turncate option in the notation options, just nothing works. Tried using a full/basic drum set, nope. Input the triplet in a new fresh bar, still nope.
I’m very frustrated… just spent a couple hours on this to no avail and no idea how to get it to work.
thanks for the help

It helps to upload a snippet of what you’re working on.
Is this what you’re trying to achieve?
Under “edit percussion kit” in the Setup - Players - Drumset section all toms are set to down-stem Voice 1

tom triplet

thanks Diamond this is exactly what I’m trying to achieve, and I couldn’t also get a base drum underneath the 2nd note on the triplet. I checked the Drum percussion kit menu and all instruments are registered to voice no. 1 , notation options says “use the voicing of the drum kit settings” and only the cymbals have the stem line set to “facing up”. So not sure what’s wrong…
Also, if I may ask how do you get a open HH sound? I couldn’t find anything even on the “full drum set” setting. I did find out how to make the snare into a rim shot but the same switch does not give more options to the HH or pedal HH for that matter.

Thanks again!

Percussion kits are really a collection of separate instruments condensed together. It sounds like what you’re experiencing is some instruments have the tuplet “enclosure”, but others don’t. If you move a note up/down the kit using Alt-up/down arrow, that moves the note to another instrument but unless you include the tuplet explicitly, or give the new instrument its own tuplet, the note becomes a normal, non-tuplet note when you move it. (This also applies to all other instruments too, but it’s perhaps harder to see in kits due to the amalgamation).

You might find it easier to switch to the separate lines kit presentation whilst you’re working out who has what notes, make sure that any instruments you want to play within a tuplet have that tuplet on their staff, then add the notes.

If you’re able to get what’s represented in the image I posted earlier try the following to add your bass drum:
Double-click the 2nd note (tom-tom 1) and press F and D together on your midi keyboard (F for Bass drum and D for tom). That will replace the single tom with tom+bass drum. It should look like…
tom triplet b.d.1

This doesn’t seem to be set up by default, so you’ll need to create it. Are you using the stock Halion sounds, or something else? If stock, Dorico is probably using the Halion “Stereo GM Kit” and the Yamaha XG Percussion Map. (At least it does on my system) Go to Play/Percussion Maps and open the Yamaha XG map if that is what Dorico has selected in your Endpoint Setup. Open HH should be assigned to Bb2. Look at what Playing Technique is assigned to it and make a note of it. It’s probably some type of Open, but I know I’ve made edits to my own PTs so not sure what will show up for you.

You now need to tell Dorico how to trigger this sound. Go to Setup, click the set, and select Edit Percussion Kit. Click the Hi-Hat on line 5 (in the default kit), then hit Edit Percussion Playing Techniques. In this window hit the + under the existing Natural PT notehead, then select Open or whatever technique was assigned to the Open HH sound in your Percussion Map. You’ve now defined an Open HH notehead that you can add to your score. If you want an X notehead select it from the Notehead Set dropdown below the note.

When you are writing in the score, when you get to the HH line, Alt arrow will cycle though the HH options. Select the Open notehead and it should play back correctly. You are only limited from a sound perspective by the number of HH sounds in your VST. The Halion GM kit just has pedal, closed, and open.

@Fred thank you so much! this is gold! I did as you said and even changed the open HH to a circled X notehead.

@Diamond and Lillie Yeah I couldn’t get what you have in the pic Diamond that’s what I was struggling with and apparently editing each drum in a single line definitely helped
Here is how it looks like (pic attached) the bass drum is still in a different voice, is this considered acceptable how my drum part looks or could I do some more tweaks to it in your opinion?

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