Bug with Kontakt 5 in Cubase 7.5.40?

Although there are no midi notes present in the bar, (view pics attached) my Kontakt 5 plugin is playing the F note on repeat (the Animator in Session Strings is looping).

Since there is nothing to delete, I can’t stop it and there are not such thing as “auto-play” or any of the sorts in Session Strings. (foolish point to make, I know)

How can I stop it so I can continues working on this sessions?


Oops, forgot to attached pics
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.45.43 AM (2).jpg
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.45.43 AM.png

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. But everything is working okay on my system. Maybe you should contact NI support.

You can also log onto the NI forums, which many don’t even know exists.

I’ve found a few answers there, and didn’t even have to contact NI support.

Could it be coming from an expression map?

Also, try switching the MIDI Input for that track, from “All MIDI Inputs” to, say, just your main controller keyboard… I don’t know what Kontakt instruments you have loaded up, but Kontakt itself is capable of generating a MIDI Out, which, when using “All MIDI Inputs” as MIDI In to a track in Cubase, will also find its way to that track.

Cool. Thanks!