Bug with Minimize key command

Hello -
I beleive I found a bug on the iPad version of Dorico.

I mistakenly typed Command+M on my querty keyboard (which is the default to minimize the app on the Mac) and I get a blank screen on my ipad:

Hit that key combo again, and I get Dorico back, but in a reduced window:

I can continue to hit this key command and switch between the two, but I can’t get full size window back unless I force quit the app. I know there isn’t supposed to be a minimize window on the iPad, so this is a holdover from the Mac/Windows base.

My work around is to remove that key command, but it is there by default and others may find it a bit unnerving - thinking they have lost their work. Especially if they stumble upon it by mistake, as I did.

I’m using an iPad Pro (10.5”) 7,3

Cheers -

Thanks for reporting this, Kayle. There are clearly some commands that are only suitable for the desktop version still lurking around in the iPad version. I’ll look into this and make sure it gets taken care of in the next update.

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